Local Government Risk Management in Action

Article Posted 19/12/17

CGU has acknowledge the members of CivicRisk Mutual's commitment and support to risk management activities within their council.  Since the engagement of CGU in 2013 they have been working in partnership to protect our members' assets.

In 2017 CGU ran a series of risk seminars which focused on not only property protection but public risk as well.  They also assisted members with several site specific reviews.

CGU have a sound understanding of the members' risks and continue to tailor a risk management program that support the members.

The Mutual builds equity to achieve the APRA benchmark

Article Posted 19/12/17

CivicRisk Mutual, CivicRisk Metro and CivicRisk West have for some time now applied the APRA financial standards as their benchmark.  CivicRisk Metro and CivicRisk Mutual currently hold funds more than the APRA capital adequacy standard with plans to build to a 150% prudential margin in the coming years.  CivicRisk West has achieved the 150% benchmark after several years of good performance and has returned $9 million to members over the past 6 years.

CivicRisk Mutual Newsletters

Article Posted 12/04/17

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Foundations of Directorship Program

Article Posted 12/04/17

CivicRisk Mutual provides all its Board members, as part of their ongoing professional development, with director training facilitated by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

With the local government elections held in September 2016 and amalgamations affecting four of our member councils we were pleased to welcome new members to the CivicRisk Mutual Board.

All members, especially the new Board members, were provided the opportunity to attend the Foundations of Directorship Program in February 2017 outlining the governance, financial and strategic responsibilities of a company director over three days.

This year's session was the third time CivicRisk Mutual held this course which is developed to provide members with a clear understanding of the director responsibilities and is specifically designed to suit our Mutual.

The course is held shortly after each local government election and it is intended to hold the next three-day course in February 2018 following the elections held in September 2017.

Risk Management Excellence Awards & IAG Benchmark Awards

Article Posted 12/04/17

In December 2016 we announced last year's winners of the Risk Management Excellence Awards.  Since then, IAG have been in touch with the CivicRisk Mutual office to advise that Wollongong Council, who was the winner of the United Independent Pools Award for their fine arts risk management program will gain an automatic inclusion in the IAG Benchmark Awards.  This is even more reason for our members to submit their entries!

In the meantime, nominations for the 2017 Risk Management Excellence Awards are now open to all member councils of CivicRisk Mutual providing an opportunity to come together to recognise and celebrate risk management as a profession, and to create public awareness of the level of expertise and excellence in local government risk management.


If you want to see some examples of last year's entries come to our next training session.


Strong investment returns achieved

Article Posted 12/04/17

As we all know, bank interest rates are at their lowest, however it is pleasing to report that CivicRisk Mutual's long term investment strategy continues to achieve a healthy return for our portfolio which has been consistently above industry benchmark.

For the first half of the year average annualised investment returns have been between 4 - 5% and this makes up 21% of our total income.  Healthy investment returns consolidate our financial strength, reduce the burden on member contributions and build surplus in our Mutual.  This ultimately improves your Council's bottom line as the growth in equity is recorded in your financial statements. 


CivicRisk Mutual has a policy of retaining prudential reserves equivalent to an APRA compliant organisation.  This means that we must retain funds to cover our outstanding claims and include an additional margin to protect us against uncertainty.  These funds are invested in accordance with the Board's investment policy and CPG investment advisors provide independent advice.

Future Fitness Thinking

Article Posted 04/08/16

We've been keeping a watchful eye on the reforms to local government under the State Government's 'Fit for the Future' program.


Amalgamations of councils throughout NSW will have a significant impact on those councils including the provision of risk management solutions.  We have already successfully transitioned City of Parramatta Council, Cumberland Council and Bayside Council across all our products.  We will continue to work closely with all our member councils to implement the change.  We are also taking this opportunity to introduce CivicRisk Mutual and is wide range of benefits and advantages to non-member councils.

CivicRisk West Continues a Solid Financial Position

Article Posted 03/08/16

CivicRisk West maintained a strong financial position in 2016 through sound risk strategies supported by excellent claims performance.  Wise investment management has resulted in good returns of 4.16% on the portfolio. The final result was a surplus of $3.5 million which builds on previous years' good performance.

CivicRisk Metro Achieves a Strong Surplus in 2016

Article Posted 03/08/16

After investing heavily in risk management strategies to combat some signficiant claims development, CivicRisk Metro has had a good financial year reporting a surplus of $1.1 million.  A conservative investment strategy provided a return of 3.4% which is more than twice the official cash rate and an excellent result given the volatility in the investment market.