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Our Values

Working with our members we deliver tailored, self-managed and excellent risk management solutions by focusing on FIVE key values to drive our business success.

Business and History

Our Business

CivicRisk Mutual is not an insurance company nor agency, it is a self-managed, self-funded mutual owned and operated entirely by members.  CivicRisk Mutual functions solely for the benefit of its members.

CivicRisk Mutual is committed to the development of opportunities that benefit all members and fostering excellence in management, cost-effectiveness in operations and value for money risk management solutions.

CivicRisk Mutual distributes the cost of risk management to its members in the form of an annual contribution.  The contribution for each member is based on a combination of statistics relating to its size and claims history.

These contributions are used for the following purposes:

- Self-insured retention

- Excess insurance

- Other policy premiums

- Claims management & broker services

- Administrative expenses

- Prudential margin

- Professional development & training

Humble Beginnings & Our History at a Glance

Pooling in NSW commenced in the late 1980s as a result of a hard insurance market - local governments found it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to obtain insurance after a major provider withdrew from the market.  As a result, several councils banded together pooling their insurance premiums with the aim of covering any public liability losses.

Established in 1988 with six foundation councils from Western Sydney, today CivicRisk Mutual is a mutual of 16 NSW councils with a combined value representing 20% of total local government expenditure and 29% of the population of NSW.


Vision and Mission

CivicRisk Mutual is driven by an alignment of its vision, mission and strategy to produce a range of member-focused actions that deliver excellent risk management solutions.

Download the 2017/18 Annual Report for CivicRisk Metro and/or CivicRisk West

Member Testimonials

  • Testimonial - Shellharbour Council

  • I've been a member of CivicRisk Mutual (formerly UIP) for over 15 years and with 2 different councils.  If you're looking for flexible, tailored and innovative risk management solutions, I would have no hesitation recommending CivicRisk Mutual.

    - Ian Smith - 
    Manager Risk Management Services, Shellharbour Council 

  • Testimonial - Blacktown Council

  • As a long term member of CivicRisk Mutual, Blacktown City Council has played an active role in what is a premium example of effective and efficient local government collaboration.

    - Kerry Robinson -
    General Manager, Blacktown City Council 

  • Testimonial - Wollongong Council

  • Wollongong City Council has been a member since 2010 and has enjoyed a productive and cost-effective relationship with the pools and other member councils - it has proven that the sum of the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts!

    - Jason Hall -
    Risk and Insurance Team Leader, Wollongong City Council 

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